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Scholarship Process

Scholarship Awards

The FAEE grants scholarship Awards of about Rs. 20,000 (translating to about $500), which are disbursed at the rate of Rs. 4,000 per year over 5 years, and generally cover the cost of tuition for a college education in a state-sponsored public college in India. The Awards are disbursed to the students and their families, and are strictly for educational expenses. To continue receiving scholarship money each year, the scholarship winners have to maintain their track record of academic excellence. Besides the full college scholarships, based on funds raised each year, the FAEE also awards several one-time excellence awards, each worth Rs. 1000 (translating to a cost of about $25).

Criteria for Selection

There are two criteria for selection of candidates - merit and need. Merit is judged by academic performance and a track record of extra-curricular activities. Need is measured by total family income (Rs. 50,000) or less. The FAEE scholarship winners hail from a wide cross-section of society and include the children of coolies, laborers, peons, watchmen, hotel workers, farmers and even children of the educated who have fallen on hard times. Some are first generation learners who have struggled without any educational support at home. Special consideration is given to those who have lost one or more parent, or who are in some way disabled.

Process of Selection

The FAEE, under the direction of the Managing Trustee of the FAEE India, advertises in local papers in India and sends circulars to schools in neighboring villages requesting submission of names of talented, underprivileged students. The candidates are then assisted in establishing a case based on their academic performance and their financial circumstances, as well as a letter or personal statement stating their needs. Their portfolios are reviewed on a case by case basis, and interviews are conducted by the Managing Trustee, who makes the final selections. All selections are approved by the FAEE Board.

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