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Prerana, based in Mumbai, India, is a charitable organization working for over 35 years to protect the women and child victims of human trafficking and other forms of violence. Through a variety of programs, Prerana takes a 360-degree approach to its efforts in ending commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking work by playing roles in protection, prevention, vigilance, rescue, victim care services, prosecution, advocacy, legal support, rehabilitation and the social reintegration of these women and children.     

FAEE is proud to be working with Prerana in its Educational Support Program, which caters to the educational needs of the children of trafficked women with a goal of eliminating second generation trafficking. This program is deployed at the Prerana Night Care Centers through a dedicated team of social workers, teachers, and others. Along with other donors, FAEE is helping Prerana provide scholarships for students who want to pursue advanced or professional degrees, and for those students who have to pay school/tuition/extra coaching fees.


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