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Chairman's Message

I am pleased to inform all our donors and well-wishers that after a hiatus of about five years, the FAEE is once again working to help deserving students in our communities in India to achieve their ambitions of higher education and a fruitful career.  We have had to reimagine the FAEE over the last few years and are now excited to be working with several charitable organizations in India who share our vision of “investing in talented children to create the leaders of tomorrow.”  You can read all about our new Partners in our website and explore their own websites to learn about the great services they provide to the needy and deserving youth and women in many cities in India.  We hope you will join us in our mission as we support each of these organizations and look for more ways to help these deserving children.


As you may know, since we started in the mid-1990s the FAEE has been providing scholarships to deserving high school students in and around the city of Mangalore and the state of Karnataka.  Over the next twenty years we granted full college scholarships to over 350 underprivileged and talented students and supported many of them with career development needs – and we are proud to see so many of them in successful careers as teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers and accountants today!  Over these years our mission was achieved by our sister organization, FAEE India, which was set up in Mangalore to identify and select deserving students from the schools in and around the city.  Unfortunately, about five years ago, changes in regulations in India required organizations like FAEE India to secure special qualifications and permissions prior to receiving funding from foreign entities – and since it was unable to achieve them, FAEE India was forced to close operations.


But we are once again open for business! And as you well know, the pandemic has made our mission even more critical as the underprivileged in our communities are at risk of being left even further behind without the help of the FAEE and our partner organizations.  We have developed a rigorous approach to selecting well-established and qualified partners in several cities in India and have created a program to provide grants to each of these organizations to fund needy and talented students in their care.  We hope to be able to expand our program to more organizations and more students over time.  It takes only about US$ 500 to fund one of our students for a year of college and we do hope you will actively consider supporting us in our cause.


On behalf of the FAEE I wish to express our sincere thanks to all our donors, volunteers and well-wishers for all your support over so many years.  We simply would not be here without you!  I look forward to your continued support in the years ahead.


Selwyn J. Baptist, MD


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