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History of the FAEE

Early 1991

On their return from India, Dr. Marian Kamath and Richard Crasta are determined to find a way to do something for their homeland. After discussing their desire with several other friends, they decide that the best way to do this would be to support leadership development and excellence in education. The idea of the Foundation is born.​

September 1991

The Foundation for the Advancement of Excellence in Education (FAEE) is officially approved as a not-for-profit corporation by the State of New York.

July 1992

A core group of interested people (including Tony D’Silva, Vinod Menezes, Cecil Nazareth, Anita Baptist, Edgar Rasquinha, Jacquelyn Lobo, Selwyn Baptist and Ashok Mathias) decide to join the Foundation, and together with Dr. Marian Kamath form the first Board of the FAEE. The Board works on preparing by-laws and mission statements. They decide to hold a fundraiser in early 1993.

November 1992

The first newsletter is circulated to over 300 people.

February 1993

The FAEE holds its first fundraiser – the FAEE Valentine’s Ball. Almost $4,000 is raised at this event.

April 1993

 Professor (Ms.) Frances Colaco, a retired English Professor and active social worker in Mangalore, India, begins working with the FAEE. Together with Mr. Merlyn Martis, Ms. Valerie Rodrigues and Mr. Romero Fernandes, Ms. Colaco organizes the FAEE in India to identify talented students and worthy projects for which FAEE, USA would be the major donor.

June 1993

FAEE is granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service (Tax ID # 11-3148350).

October 1993

The first batch of six scholarships are awarded to students in India. In addition one time awards are granted to 20 other students.

February 1994

FAEE holds its Second Valentine’s Ball in Port Washington, NY. $10,000 is raised at this event.

January 1995

The FAEE grants nine scholarships and fifteen “excellence awards” for 1994.

September 1995

FAEE holds INDUS ’95, a fundraising cultural event at which the children of the community compete in various contests that include singing, dancing, reciting poetry, acting, and playing various musical instruments.


The FAEE continues to hold various fundraising events over the years and grants over 350 scholarships and several hundred “Excellence Awards” to many talented students in India. Many of these students have now embarked on successful careers in the fields of medicine, engineering, computers and business.


Changes in foreign charitable contribution regulations (FCRA) in India required charitable organizations in India to secure special qualifications and permissions prior to receiving funding from foreign entities.  FAEE India was unable to meet these qualifications and closed its operations.  The FAEE halted activities pending the development of a new approach.


FAEE revived operations after identifying FCRA qualified charitable organizations in India (our Partners) who had similar goals to that of the FAEE.  We have now developed a program to provide grants to each of these organizations to fund needy and talented students and hope to expand such grants over time.

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