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1.   We have provided financial support for college or vocational education to over 350 students. Many of them have gone on to have successful careers as doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants and in vocational fields.


2. In addition to directly supporting students via FAEE India, we have provided grants to over 100 students via our prior and current Partner organizations.


3. We have helped our scholars to choose their careers by conducting career guidance workshops and administering aptitude tests.


4.  We have worked with the teachers and assisted them in better use of teaching material. 


5. We have conducted free English speaking classes for students who passed their high school SSLC exams under the Kannada language.  We also conducted advanced English classes to assist students to improve their English skills. 


6.  We have over the years acknowledged the achievements of students in Mangalore and have honored over 200 of them with one-time Excellence Awards.

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