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                      SPOTLIGHT ON SOME OF OUR 2021-22 SCHOLARS
                           (Names and certain other information have been changed to protect identities)


Rajini was born in the Red Light Area of Mumbai and was enrolled at Prerana’s Night Care Center

(NCC) when she was about two years old. A few years later her mother was diagnosed with a

terminal illness and as she could no longer provide for her, she took her back to their village in

another state. The NCC team made an attempt to trace the child in the other state and after three

visits, they were able to track Rajini. The team got to know that her mother had passed away two

years after they moved to the village. Rajini and her younger brother were placed in a

Government Hostel by their grandmother as she was old and she could no longer look after them.

After assessing Rajini’s safety, the team left for Mumbai, but they regularly followed up on her and

conducted yearly visits to ensure her safety and development. During one such follow-up

meeting, the team got to know that her grandmother had passed away and her maternal uncle

was not able to take up the responsibility of the children. Thus, Rajini and her brother

continued to live in a Children’s Home. When Rajini was in the 9th standard, she expressed her

aspiration to become professional nurse and she began to study for the same. However, her uncle

shared with the social workers that he would not be able to take up the expenses of her

education. Still, Rajini continued to study and passed her 10th standard exams with 65% marks

and 12th with an A+ grade. She is still set on pursuing her higher education in the Science field with

Nursing as a specialization and FAEE is pleased to collaborate with Prerana to support her and

wishes her all the best in achieving her dream.


Kavitha is 16 years old and originally hails from Tamilnadu. Her father was an alcoholic,

which resulted in a number of marital conflicts between him and her mother. When Kavitha

was 10, her father abandoned his family and went away. Soon after, her mother brought her

and her younger brother away to Bangalore. Kavitha and her brother did not rejoin school

after dropping out – one day a teacher from a local school saw the two children playing in a

nearby park and after enquiry, got them admitted to school. After about three years,

Kavitha’s mother began a relationship with another man, who began living with the family in

their rented home. As Kavitha got older, this man began misbehaving with her. He molested

her twice, once at her house and once at his friend’s house, and warned her against telling

anyone. One day she decided to tell her mother about the abuse, but she ignored her

daughter. Kavitha was desperate to stop the molestation, so she shared her ordeal with

one of her teachers in the school where she studied. The teacher took action and got the

Childline team and the Child Welfare Committee involved and eventually Kavitha was

entrusted to APSA’s care. Kavitha was brought to the Nammane Open Shelter. She was

distrusting of everyone and refused to mingle with other children. She seemed scared and

sad and would sit for hours without talking to anyone. Regular counselling sessions,

medical checks and nutritious food helped revive the child and give her a sense of security

and protection. She began to regain her trust in people and started playing with other

children and made friends. She also soon became involved in all APSA’s activities and

proved to be an active participant. Eventually, Kavitha got back to her studies, and despite

the Covid pandemic she recently completed her 10th grade (high school) and is now

enrolled in first year Pre-University in Arts. FAEE is pleased to be funding Kavitha’s higher

education and wishes her great success in furthering her education and in her career.


Jyoti was enrolled into Prerana’s Night Care Center when she was around seven years old after her

mother passed away. She and her two elder sisters were placed in a Children’s Home and cared

for by Prerana. At present, Jyoti is living with her elder sister and her brother-in-law while the

other sister is in an Aftercare Group Home. Since the sister with whom Jyoti is living is also going

through a financial crisis, she has been considering the option of going to an Aftercare institution.

She is currently in the first year of college (Bachelors in Commerce) and aims to make a career in

the field of accounting. She has shared with the social worker that she will be able to avoid

institutionalization if she is able to receive financial aid to support her through her education.

Additionally, Jyoti has been determined on upskilling herself to be able to get a part-time job so

that she can become self- reliant. FAEE has worked with Prerana to provide Jyoti with fees for her

education as well as funds for a professional computer class and we wish her all the best in

achieving her goals.


Neena was enrolled into Prerana’s Night Care Center when she was around six years old. She

was placed at a Children’s Home (CH)when she was nine years old. At the Children’s Home, she

displayed extreme dedication towards studies. She scored 65% in 10th standard and 63% in 12th

after which she moved on to pursue a graduation course in History. Neena had always wanted to

become a librarian and she is now pursuing a Masters course in Library Science from Mumbai

University. She is also working as a part-time teacher in a Children’s Home. FAEE is pleased to

work with Prerana to provide this ambitious young lady assistance to complete her Masters in

Library Science. And she is not done yet! She aims to complete her Ph.D. and clear the

National Eligibility Test for the post of an assistant professor. From where to where she would have


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