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White Doves, based in Mangalore in South India, is a charitable institution focused on sheltering and caring for destitute, abused and mentally challenged people who they find on the streets.  They operate two rehabilitation institutes where the youth and adults they pick up are treated, rehabilitated and in many cases successfully reunited with their families.  They also operate a Children’s Home where destitute children are taken care of and supported in their education and other needs.  In addition, they also help build and repair homes for the homeless, distribute food to the hungry, and provide medical relief to the sick.

FAEE is working with White Doves to provide funds for deserving students who are in their care and who are looking to pursue a higher education.  All these students are either orphans or have sick, abusive or destitute parents who are unable to care for them -- they have overcome tremendous odds to complete high school and are now looking to achieve their ambitions.

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