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Udayancare, headquartered in New Delhi, India, is a charitable organization focusing on vulnerable children who do not have stable, protective families.  Through a variety of programs, Udayancare provides children, youth and young women with care and protection in a family-like environment, catering to their needs for education, nutrition, livelihood, security, safety and dignity.  It runs seventeen “Udayan Ghars” or homes in cities across India where children without parental care start their journey and are nurtured until they reach the age of 18.  Once they reach adulthood, Udayancare offers “Aftercare facilities” which assist them with accommodation, education, job training and employment to ensure that the young adults achieve stable lives. 


FAEE is pleased to be working with Udayancare in their Udayan Shalini Fellowship program, which seeks to empower girls and young women from the financially weaker sections of the community to aspire for and pursue higher education and employability, by providing educational support, job training and mentoring programs in a number of cities across India.


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