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About Us


The Foundation for the Advancement of Excellence in Education (FAEE) is a not-for-profit tax-exempt corporation whose primary purpose is to promote educational excellence among the underprivileged in India, by providing help, encouragement, and facilities for the intellectual, artistic and all-round development of talented students. Our geographic focus began in the city of Mangalore and its surrounding villages, and we have now extended our reach to many other cities in India.

  • Provide funds to needy and talented students, so that they can receive the education they rightfully deserve, to succeed in life, and be leaders of their communities.

  • Fund programs that provide training for professional exams, in the fields of medicine, accounting, business, and civil service.

  • Fund various skills training programs and vocational guidance workshops to provide career-enhancing and leadership skills.

  • Conduct a variety of competitions, seminars, and symposiums to seek out talented students and foster the development of their creative instincts and intellectual curiosity.

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